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Friday’s meeting of the Council of Australian Governments meeting looks like being dominated by state government anger over the loss of $80 billion in federal hospitals and schools funding promised by the previous Labor government.

An increasingly bitter campaign by Western Australia over its reduced allocation of GST revenue will also provoke arguments.

Both issues threaten to overshadow Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s preferred focus on tackling the ‘ice’ epidemic, co ordinating improvements in national security, kamagra jelly nz and dealing with domestic violence.

Relations between the commonwealth and states have sunk to their lowest level in years going into the meeting, with Western Australia initially gaining qualified support in Canberra in its push for a freeze of the Commonwealth Grants Commission formula to ensure its share of GST revenue does not go further backwards. https://www.kamagragelnz.nu That would see about $500 million added to its share in the coming financial year money that would come from other states.

As premiers continued to exchange barbs on Thursday, WA’s Liberal Premier Colin Barnett dramatically upped the stakes by raising his state’s past financial assistance to Victoria in the aftermath of the deadly Black Saturday bushfires which claimed 173 lives.

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“When Victoria had those tragic fires a few years back, Western Australia was the first state and the most generous state to provide financial assistance,” Mr Barnett told Perth radio 6PR.

“Perhaps the new treasurer (Tim Pallas) has got a short memory, or perhaps he’s not aware of that.”

The outburst left other premiers staggered and brought a stinging rebuke from Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

“How the Western Australian Premier could use the aftermath of the worst disaster in Australian history, which claimed the lives of 173 people, kamagragelnz as an ‘I owe you’ is beyond comprehension,’ Mr Andrews said.

“His comments are disgusting and on behalf of all Victorians, I ask him to apologise immediately.”

Other premiers are now more determined than ever to stop WA’s all or nothing campaign for a revised GST carve up from dominating the COAG agenda and will push for a single line statement at the outset, to the effect that they have merely agreed to disagree on the matter.

The non mining states say WA enjoyed the bounty of the mining boom but failed to prepare for an inevitable return to more normal commodity prices.

South Australian Labor Premier Jay Weatherill said WA had signed up to the rules for GST and while out of pocket this time around, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sildenafil had been “$7 billion to the better” because revenue from mining royalties had been underestimated in previous allocations.

But WA argues that facilitating the resources boom had been costly and required major subsidies.

In its GST submission to the grants commission, WA revealed it had been required to commit an estimated $8 billion in assistance to the North West Shelf project, kamagra jelly including payment of subsidies to the state’s power utility to help cover losses.

But if discord on the GST is his friend even as Labor leader Bill Shorten called for special funding for the west to make up the shortfall Mr Abbott faces a unified state and territory revolt on hospital and school funding after last year’s budget announced an $80 billion cut to Canberra’s projected contribution over the next ten years.

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NSW Premier Mike Baird described the hospital cuts as “the biggest challenge we’re facing” and something that simply cannot be funded by the state alone.

“The number one agenda item that I have is how we get health funding right,” he said.

“You need to ensure that we deliver the services we need, https://www.kamagragelnz.nu but the funding also needs to be there to match it and at the moment, it’s not.”

Mr Andrews lashed out at Mr Abbott for flying to Melbourne on Thursday to play “farcical” political games over the now abandoned East West Link, before flying back to Canberra to supposedly “work with everybody”.

His government estimates the state would lose “around $13 billion over the next ten years” in hospital funding alone.

While the federal opposition has opposed tinkering with the GST formula, kamagra gel nz Bill Shorten, speaking in Perth, said a one off allocation should be considered and could take the form of accelerated infrastructure funding to assist the state now that its GST and iron ore royalties have tanked.

But sympathy for WA remains low beyond its borders with economists noting out that at around $50 a tonne, the iron ore price is still above its historical long term average.

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