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Open a Retail Store on Your Home Turf in Bellevue Microsoft has over 15,000 employees in Bellevue and over 90,000 employees in Redmond, Issaquah, Bellevue and Seattle combined, Kamagragelnz yet they still do not yet have a retail presence in the area.  Last year Microsoft opened their first retail stores in Scottsdale, AZ and Mission Viejo, CA.Microsoft has plans to add future stores and at some point will likely add a store in the greater Seattle area. What better place to add a retail store in the area than at Bellevue Square, where the first Apple Store in the Pacific Northwest was established.Apple opened their store at Bellevue Square in May of 2003. It’s interesting to note that although it was the 55th Apple Store to open, it was planned as the 3rd store to open in its fleet. The store was initially scoped as a much larger store that would have had street visibility, in the location that is currently occupied by Red Robin;Kamagra Jelly Nz  its current location was eventually settled upon in what we refer to as the Luxury Wing at Bellevue Square across from Tiffany’s.

Microsoft was founded in Bellevue and has strong connections in Downtown Bellevue, occupying space for employees at Lincoln Square, The Bravern, Kamagragelnz City Center Plaza, and Civica buildings. A Microsoft retail store in Bellevue Square would continue to diversify the types of stores at Bellevue Square and reinforce Microsoft’s roots in the area. I can think of a better place for Microsoft to add a store!Open Bracero Program’s files government made to Mexico. in the 1940s, 50s and 60s, still want to know where their money went. The men gathered in Juarez on Wednesday to ask the United States to open the Bracero Program’s files and make public how much of the stipend held in the immigrant workers’ paychecks were returned when they went back to Mxico. in Mexico for former braceros. The payments stopped when Mexican President Enrique Pea Nieto took office in December 2012. General Consulate in Jurez as the presidents of the United States, Mxico and Canada met in the Mexican city of Toluca to mark the 20th anniversary of the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA.Simultaneous protests were held in other cities in Mxico, Kamagra Gel Nz including Ciudad Victoria, Matamoros, Mexicali, Aguascalientes, Guadalajara, Oaxaca and Toluca. Most of them worked in the railroad tracks and agricultural fields.

Fidel Chvez, director of Coordinadora Binacional de Ex Braceros in Chihuahua City, said there are as many of 5 million braceros, or guest workers, Kamagragelnz half a million from Chihuahua state, who might have participated in the program during those years.During the program, the braceros’ were deducted 10 percent from their wages and held in savings accounts. Wells Fargo received the deductions and then transferred them to Mexico’s former Banco de Crdito Agrcola, a government bank. The workers were supposed to get their money back when they returned to Mxico.After refusing to acknowledge there was a fund and later claiming all records related to the accounts were lost during a major 1985 earthquake in Mexico City, the Mexican government established a special fund to pay 38,000 pesos, or $2,900, to each former bracero.Chvez, who led the protest in Jurez, said only 181,000 former braceros or their surviving relatives that qualified for the special fund, including 17,000 from Chihuahua, had been paid the stipend between 2005 and 2012.He said they want Obama to help them figure out how much money was put in the special fund.”There are still millions of braceros hoping for their money,” Chvez said.Florentino Orozco, a 74 year old former bracero from the tiny town of Cinega de Ortiz in south Chihuahua, said he hasn’t lost the hope.The Mexican government has denied Orozco a stipend because he does not have the required documents, like check stubs, to qualify for the special fund.Carmelo Romero, 73, only has a photocopy of a permit issued by the Mexican government in the 1960’s as proof that he was a ‘bracero’ in California. Kamagra Auckland The original permit was sent to the Mexican government years ago to claim the stipend, but until now he hasn’t receive back his document or his money.

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